8 Unique Ways to Fill Your Personalised Memory Book

Mar 24, 2023

A personalised memory book is a fantastic way to preserve and relive precious memories for years to come. If you're looking for a unique anniversary gift or wedding gift, a couples personalised memory book is an ideal choice. In this post, we will share 6 unique ways to fill your personalised memory book, and ensure that it becomes a treasured keepsake bursting with memories. 

1. A Timeline

Often, the best way to begin your memory book is to create a timeline. If it's a treasure trove of family memories, arrange your photographs and keepsakes in order from earliest to most recent. Or, if you're creating a personalised couples memory book of your relationship, start from the day you met. You can include significant milestones as well as other little memories that you never want to fade.

2. Include Recipes

(Because who doesn't love food?) If you and your partner love cooking together, include your favourite recipes in your memory book. This is a great way to relive memories of special meals that you've shared together. 

Have a traditional family meal? Your memory book is the perfect place to record this. Not only to keep the recipe safe in one place, but also to pass down to future generations.

3. Hand-written letters and Notes

A note to your future self, a love note or an old letter from a family member that you want to treasure forever. Keep loose notes safe inside your memory book or write directly on the pages for a journal-style diary entry to remember a specific day or event with every detail. 

4. Favourite Quotes and Songs

Are there any special quotes or songs that hold a special meaning to you as a couple or as a family? Including these in your memory book is a great way to capture the essence of your relationship or share precious moments as a family, no matter how grown up you are!

5. Add a Bucket List

Memory books don't just have to be for past moments. Include a bucket list of all the things that you want to do in the future - places to travel to, life milestones and once in a lifetime experiences. This will serve as a reminder of your dreams and aspirations, whether individually or as a couple, and will motivate you to work towards ticking them off.

6. Travel Memories

Did your family have the trip of a lifetime? Did you and your partner take a special trip together? Whether it was a romantic weekend getaway or an epic adventure, including your travel memories in your memory book is a great way to reminisce. Include your travel tickets, maps and, of course, photos along the way. Adventure awaits...

7. Anniversary Journal

Why wait for a milestone anniversary when you can document every year? Whether it's your first, fifth, or 50th anniversary, dedicating a page to each year is a great way to document your journey as a couple. Write your own story in this stunning "the story of us" personalised keepsake book. 

8. Birthday Book

If you're creating a baby book, start with pictures of bump and add a photo of every birthday until their 21st to make a beautiful time capsule gift. Add a short handwritten note each year about what's happened and things they've accomplished. 

Similarly, you could also gift a birthday scrapbook to a friend or family member for a milestone birthday. For example, 30 things to do before 30, or 40 places to see in your 40s. Add some personalisation to your memory book gift to make it extra special. Shop memory books here - all with FREE personalisation!

In conclusion, a personalised memory book is a beautiful way to capture and preserve cherished memories. Whether you're celebrating a milestone anniversary, a wedding, or just want to showcase your love story, a memory book is a perfect choice. By following these  unique ways to fill your personalised memory book, you'll be able to create a meaningful and heartfelt gift that will be cherished for years to come. So start gathering your photos, tickets and letters to create a beautiful keepsake you'll love creating.