Desk Accessories to Help You Stay Inspired in 2021

Apr 28, 2021

You may never think of it, but your desk is the foundation of your productivity and – some might say – professional success. You spend 8 hours a day at it. It’s where you think of ideas, solve problems, attend Zoom meetings that could’ve been an email, you know the gist. Nonetheless, after spending so much time seated without anything to spark motivation, you can end up feeling depleted. Experiencing a rut in a bland environment is easy. The best way to overcome this is with desk accessories. Not only can office desk accessories help you stay inspired they can also help boost productivity.

selection of inspirational prints displayed on a desk with wooden holder

3 Tips to Help You Navigate the World of Inspirational Desk Decor

To be creative you need visual and sensory stimulation. However, when decorating there’s a fine line between clutter and inspiration.These tips will help you strike the perfect balance. 

Measure Up

To create an uplifting desk environment begin by measuring your desk to determine how much space you have to work with. The average width of an office desk is 90cm – and most of that space is used for your PC and electronics. If you’re going to create an exhilarating environment you need to be thoughtful about how you use the remaining space. Therefore, the accessories you choose should be functional while being appealing.

List The Kind of Accessories You Need

While the purpose of a desk makeover is to make your desk feel more inviting and give you a constant stream of inspiration and motivation, once you start adding accessories to your cart, stopping can be a challenge. We all know, shopping can be addicting and therapeutic at the same time. Before you hop onto the wild web, create a list of desk accessories you'd like. You can find inspiration on Instagram or Pinterest. When shopping, consider buying from a small business whose messaging, branding, and – of course – designs you like.

Consider Switching Up Your Look Seasonally

While the first time you decorate your office desk is exciting, after a few months, that once exciting design can become uninspiring. We advise sprucing up your desk seasonally so that your desk continues to inspire and stimulate your senses.


4 Must-Have Office Desk Accessories

If you’re thinking of decorating your workspace, these four must-have desk accessories are a great start.  

Mini Plants

Greenery is an excellent source of inspiration. Many plant moms and dads tout the effects that their plants have on their wellbeing, however, studies second this, showing that just the colour green is associated with feelings of calmness, happiness, comfort, peace, hope, and excitement. Who knew there were scientific benefits to filling your home with plants? But, for your desk, soil and foliage aren't practical. 

You can still get those green benefits by choosing to use mini succulents to decorate your desk. We have the perfect options for the green aesthetic, monochrome artificial desk plants for those with a faux green thumb or a gorgeous marble planter for those with the real deal.

Organisational Desk Trays

Desk trays are functional and add to the visual appeal and environment of your desk, making sitting there for an entire day less stressful. But, why go with conventional trays? Regular desk trays are never going to be as pleasant as decorative ones.
For smaller desks, you can use jewellery trays to hold your knick-knacks or choose a handmade marble tray for those oddly shaped items like your glasses.
For wooden or finished desks, don't forget the coasters

Inspirational Cards

Who wouldn’t enjoy having a personal cheerleader cheering them along? Inspirational cards are that cheerleader. They are an excellent way to stay focused and motivated throughout the day. Our Inspirational Desk Print Bundle is a perfect source of stimulus. These are the quotes you want to cycle throughout the day as you enter a slump or to get through a never-ending Zoom meeting. 

Desk Stationery

Besides being a necessity, stationery is the perfect way to accessorise your space. Rose gold accessories are the latest trends, coupled with marble and a few pastel accents. Why not show that you’re a true executive by using gold pens? An excellent choice is our Pastel and Gold BallPoint Hexagonal Pen. These pens are the ultimate in boss vibes. 

Whether you’re working in a small space, in an open-plan office or remotely, there’s always a way to improve your workspace. You can also browse our handmade collection for inspiration for your desk.