Five Ways To Refresh Your Working From Home Space

Aug 7, 2020

2020 is the year we’ve all had to get used to working from home. For some it’s been a cinch, but for others it’s taken a little getting used to. Now we’re a few months in, and we’ve found our groove (sort of). So how about a little inspiration to take your office to the next level and really increase that productivity? 

Whether you’re working from your study, kitchen table or hunched up and bunched up on the sofa – we’ve got you. We’ve pulled together our top five tips for decluttering, de-stressing and refreshing your workspace. Take a look and see what works for you.

Create a Dedicated Space

Sometimes the most simple advice is the most effective. By choosing a spot in your home to work from, and sticking to it, you’ll be able to create a distinction between work life and homelife. Choose somewhere that you can sit comfortably, with your laptop (or PC or typewriter or quill – your choice) at eye level set up to avoid body aches. Maybe even rejig your furniture to see if you can squeeze in a small desk (and then decorate it to your heart’s content).

Keep It Clean

When’s the last time you had a good look at your workstation setup? Have a quick nose now – what do you see? Old Penguin biscuit wrappers, coffee cups and HMRC letters from last year? It’s surprising how much clutter can affect workflow. By keeping things minimal and stylish, you can feel more productive. Get rid of the rubbish and treat yourself to a few things you’d like to spend your working day with (like some great desk accessories and organisers, of course). And don’t forget to give your workspace a weekly dust.

It's Easy Being Green

Step one and two complete? Nice work. Now’s the time to add some positive vibes. Plants, pots and pastel colours (which you may have noticed we happen to love) are great ways to liven up your workspace, without adding clutter. Plants not only improve your mood, but also improve air quality and humidity levels


Colour It In

We mentioned pastel colours, and there's a good reason too. Choosing the right colours for your workspace is worthwhile. Bright, vibrant colours can be distracting. And duller shades can make you feel drab. Pastels are great because they’re not too OTT and you can still enjoy a burst of your favourite blues, pinks and greens. 


Make It Yours

Last but not least, create a workspace that reflects your personality and working style. After all, this is still a part of your home. Consider prints or cards featuring positive designs for your desk. Perhaps a family picture or two, or maybe even that crayola masterpiece from your favourite nephew (cute points). I’ve always been partial to a scented candle myself.

And there you have it. Five easy ways to make your workspace work harder for you. If you’re looking for some extra desk accessory inspiration, why not take a peek at some of our most popular sellers?