How to Organise your Work Space to Maximise Productivity

Aug 2, 2021

While you may think you need to rely on endless cups of coffee, the key to productivity is organisation. In a clean, organised environment, you’re more likely to be creative, alert, and think clearer. However, since work is always keeping you “busy,” organisation and cleanliness are often the first thing you’ll disregard. As a result, you end up overwhelmed, not only by our workload but also by our working environment. That's why if you feel you aren't being as productive as you know you could be, the first thing you should do is organise your workspace.

clean fresh desk space for maximum productivity when working 

  1. Clear Your Desk

To kick-start your productivity, begin by removing everything that's on your desk and in your drawers. Although standard desks are around 120cm, you're unlikely to maximise that space because most of it is usually filled with piles of paper, sticky notes, pens, and other unnecessary items. Over time those piles increase in size until the stuff you need is drowned by things you no longer need or use – or even remember.

While you're removing everything from your desk and drawers, separate items into piles: what you need and use and what you can throw away. Then only put back the absolute necessities. 


  1. Colour Coordinate Your Storage

Now, before you put everything back on your desk and into your drawers, it's time to segment your workspace. While having a colour scheme for your desk might be to achieve your dream aesthetic, it can also be helpful for organisation. For example, why not try to colour coordinate storage boxes and desk organisers so you can easily identify what's in a box. The colours don't have to be bright and tacky, you can use pastel crates or boxes to create a visually appealing theme, or any that suit your desk decor. Open desk organisers in drawers are a helpful addition so you can keep things in their place and see where everything is at first glance.


  1. Keep Your To Do List or Planner Close

One of the best ways to maximise productivity is to note down your daily to-dos (and/or reminders) and keep them somewhere you can easily view them. If dedicating desk space seems like a waste of precious desk real estate, opt for a notice board or get creative with washing tape above where you work. Having a clear view of what you need to do means you're less likely to waste time on frivolous tasks. Jotting down tasks also frees your brain for fresh, creative ideas so keep your notepad and pen handy just incase something pops in to your head!

To avoid drowning in a sea of sticky notes, keep ideas and notes all in one place by using a list pad. Or, if you're someone who needs a little more guidance when breaking down tasks, opt for a daily planner. A layout that helps you categorise tasks helps you manage your time better is much less daunting than a page-long checklist!


  1. Assign "Throw Away" Dates

If you're someone who is always holding onto items “just in case”, adding some throw away dates to your calendar clutter will prove vital. Mark these ahead of time using planner stickers or bright pens so you can't avoid them.

Not only do throw away days prevent you from becoming overwhelmed with desk and workspace clutter, you might also find that you're more likely to use what's on and around your desk because you've assigned a redundancy date to it. Instead of having to assign time to a big de-clutter, you’ll find that your space is more managable, cleaner and clutter-free because you’re always removing what you don’t need.


  1. Purchase One or Two Pencil Cases

To achieve peak organisation, your pens, pencils, and bits and bobs need a home, and by that we mean a pencil case or dedicated pen pot. Without a pencil case, you will probably find yourself spending time searching for a pen, ruler or paper clip when you need it. Time you could be spending doing worthwhile work instead of being distracted. 

Pencil cases are a saving grace when it comes to smaller desks, or when you're working on the go. If you're opting for a simple design, our blush pink leather pencil case is the one for you! It's sophisticated, aesthetic, and just the perfect size for all your stationery essentials. 


Now that you've read our tried and tested tips, try implementing a couple of steps to see if your productivity levels improve. Working in an organised space does wonders for mindfulness and feeling more motivated to do your best work.


TIP: While you're organising your space, pick your favourite desk accessories purely based on aesthetic to serve as motivation throughout the day. For example, adding small succulents or indoor plants deliver so many benefits to your workspace without cluttering your desk. Pretty planters and inspirational quotes also offer visual stimulation when you feel yourself getting overwhelmed.