What Are the Benefits of Keeping a Journal?

May 12, 2021

Do you find it hard to relieve stress? Do you sometimes feel overwhelmed with plans and ideas, so you abandon them? Well, if this sounds like you, then journaling daily may help.

Years ago, many people would keep diaries and journals to record their daily lives. In some cases like Anne Frank, it gave us a unique insight into history and how people coped during dark times. 

But with the creation of social media, people have abandoned this practice. 

Yet, the benefits of keeping a journal can be massive and help solve issues you may be struggling with. 

So, keep reading to discover all the ways a journal can help you.

Journaling Daily Can Help to Relieve Stress

It's common to experience stress and anxiety from time to time. But, when it becomes a daily occurrence, it can result in poor mental health and feelings of depression. 

However, writing down your thoughts and feelings in a journal can dramatically reduce your stress levels. It allows you to focus your mind and get things off your chest. 

In a way, it's like having a counselling session with a pen and paper.

You Can Set and Record Goals With a Journal

How many times have you made new year resolutions only to abandon them by February? 

Yes, me too!

It's great when we set a target of losing weight or running a 5k, but, most of us never create a plan to do it. As a result, it becomes overwhelming, and eventually, we give up. 

But, hope is not lost yet!

By writing down your goals and objectives, you are 42% more likely to achieve them. 

This was figured out by Dr, Gail Matthews who carried out a study into the science of goal-setting. She found 267 participants and discovered those who regularly wrote down their goals, achieved more than those who didn't. 

So why does writing down targets increase your likelihood of achieving them? Well, it's all to do with your brain. 

When you only think about goals, you use the right side of the brain which is imaginative. But, when you write them down, you use the logical left side too. 

So, your brain sends signals to your body saying 'I can do this!'. 

Journaling Helps You to Record Ideas

This is one of the biggest benefits of keeping a journal.

If you are a creative person, it's likely you come up with ideas all the time. In fact, this is common amongst creatives, especially writers. 

So, most writers will always have something on hand to jot thoughts and ideas down. This is so they can come back to it later and most importantly, not forget it. 

If you are someone who thinks of ideas at the most inconvenient of times, a journal is a good investment. 

Start to Manage Your Life Better

By journaling every day, you can start to manage your life effectively. 

With a journal you can:

  • Create a timetable
  • Write to-do lists
  • Record appointments

as well as everything I've previously mentioned. 

It doesn't matter if you need to plan your whole week ahead or, simply write down you need milk- you can do it all with a journal.

Plus, by writing it down, you're more likely to remember things. So, if you easily forget things, then order a journal today. 

The Ultimate Benefits of Keeping a Journal

As you can see, the benefits of keeping a journal are huge and we should all use one. 

Check out the journals I have available which can even be personalised with your name, initials or inspirational saying. 

Plus, they're a lovely gift idea for a friend.